Young Woman from Melbourne makes $ 200,000 in just one week with her Genius Hair !

Mia Plecic, a young 29 year old woman, from Melbourne makes $ 200,000 in just one week with her unique hair product.

She is the master brain and CEO of the Slick Hair Company. This young business woman had launched Slick Stick, an anti- flyaway hair wand in 2019.

In the midst of the global pandemic, this branding genius made over $ 200,000 in just seven days. Known for its global success, recently Slick Hair has gone international with its stock being sold in UAE and US. The Slick Hair Company just runs one major sale a year.

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This really engages the potential customers to transact with urgency. The company was launched in 2019 as a solution for annoying baby hairs. This is now stocked in over 1500 Australian stores.

These stores include Universal stores, Coles and Stylerunner. Mia Plecic always dreamt of being a business woman.

To pursue her dreams, she dropped out her University Sports Science degree in 2013. She started a career in business and now she is one of the most successful business woman with more than 20 start up companies over the past nine years.

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Generally, one unit of the wand is sold every four minutes worldwide. But the Cyber Week brings in a whole new level of success.

This year due to the pandemic crisis, the company offered a larger discount than usual. It was the best decision taken as they could not believe how successful it turned out to be.

With this, Mia Plecic was pleased to note how important big sales events like Black Friday, Cyber Week and Boxing Day were for small business companies as it drives large revenue.

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