first korona death in India

The deceased, a resident of Karnataka, was diagnosed with Kovid19. This is the first reported case of coronavirus death in India. 76-year-old Mohammad Hussein Siddiqui died in Kalburgi, Karnataka yesterday. There were pneumonia as well as symptoms of Kovid19. He returned to Saudi Arabia from Saudi Arabia on the 29th of last month. Later he was returning home to Kalburgi.

The government is seeking treatment at a government hospital on March 5 after showing signs of severe cough. He was admitted to another private hospital. He was treated at the same hospital until March 9. Samples were then sent to Bengaluru on suspicion of being Kovid 19. He died while awaiting trial. He was pronounced dead at around 10.30pm on Wednesday. About 43 people came to see him while he was at home isolation. This is also causing concern. Meanwhile, the Karnataka Health Department has announced that the process of isolating the isolates has been started.

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