No one expected you to do this “Pradeep praised Daya”

Last Sunday, January 26, two more new entrants came to the Bigg Boss. The two vacancies came after Parikutty and Suresh left. They were Jasla Madassery and Daya Aswati. . But when the two came in, no one knew them. Bigg Boss was taken to the house after being described as “someone who does not hesitate in expressing his views through social media.” She is only a kindred (mother’s aunt) and relative to a beauty worker from Mundur, Palakkad. The Bigg Boss has entered the house with the revelation that he is very much in love with all those who are with him. Those views can be seen.

The kindness given to everyone else was embraced by Reggit, who pulled out and said, “I liked it terribly.” Regnette, who had fallen for that quick comment, asked him twice about Really. Really, the answer was kind. Regith asked if he had not come up with the task. The answer was no. But with the exception of two, Kanye had written on their faces that the two contestants liked Big Boss’s arrival. Saju Navodaya and Pradeep Chandran.

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